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Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering Inc.

10566 Combie Rd PMB 6677
CA us
Tel: 530/269-1082
Fax: 530/269-1084

REE Inc. specializes in extrusion engineering for the medical extrusion industry. REE supplies extrusion components and systems; REE also provides training programs and software. Other services include process analysis, troubleshooting, expert witness services, computer simulation, and material analysis. REE offers in-house training programs delivered at the customer’s site. The training programs include extrusion, troubleshooting, screw design, die design, mixing and compounding, injection molding, and statistical process control. The programs can be customized to suit specific requirements. REE also offers computer based training programs. The interactive training program in extrusion, ITX, is the most up to date and comprehensive.