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SurModics Inc.

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SurModics specializes in medical device coatings and IVD technologies that enhance the performance and functionality of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics products.

Medical Device Coatings

As the world leader in medical device coatings, SurModics technology has been used successfully on more than 150 commercial device applications in the following categories: cardiovascular, diabetes, gastrointestinal, neurology, obesity, oncology, and urology. SurModics partners with market-leading medical device manufacturers that value SurModics’ performance, clinical, regulatory and manufacturing advantages.

SurModics’ extensive knowledge of hydrophilic, lubricious coatings has led to a recent breakthrough in this category. With growing regulatory awareness of particulate generation, the new Serene™ coating platform delivers lubricity and durability while significantly reducing particulates. Serene coatings are optimized for a range of medical devices and substrates.

SurModics PhotoLink® Coating Technology
This patented technology produces a photo-initiated covalent bond between our lubricious and hemocompatible coatings and device substrates. The simplicity of the PhotoLink coating process makes it easy to integrate into existing manufacturing processes.

PhotoLink Technology Advantages

  • Best-in-class lubricity and durability
  • Flexibility to coat a wide variety of materials and devices
  • Approved for use on medical devices in US, Europe, China and Japan
  • Efficient, high-throughput manufacturing with minimal floor space requirements
  • Coated devices can be tested and packaged minutes after coating
  • No harsh chemicals and does not produce hazardous byproducts
  • Reduced time-to-market

Lubricious Coatings
SurModics lubricious hydrophilic coatings provide best-in-class lubricity and surface durability for many types of medical devices. We reduce the coefficient of friction on a vast array of materials while preserving lubricious characteristics under extreme clinical conditions. The Serene™ coating platform further enhances our portfolio by delivering low friction in a low particulate formula—a significant advancement in coating technology. 

Hemocompatible Coatings
SurModics heparin-based coatings help reduce adverse reactions on a variety of blood-contacting medical devices. Our PhotoLink coating process covalently binds heparin to the device surface to shield the blood from the underlying medical device material. The immobilized heparin inhibits blood clotting on the surface, minimizes patient risk, and enhances the performance of the device. SurModics also continues to develop a variety of non-heparin coating options to reduce platelet adhesion and thrombus formation, such as lysine copolymer, fatty acid, and sulfonates.

Drug Delivery Coatings
SurModics biocompatible polymer coatings are widely applicable for augmenting medical device functionality for local drug delivery. This technology is highly tunable, enabling us to produce products that meet your therapeutic dosing and duration requirements (typically ranging from a period of days to months). We can deliver a wide range of compounds (from small molecules to proteins) for a variety of therapeutic or antimicrobial needs. These systems employ durable and biodegradable polymer technologies.

Multifunctional Coatings
SurModics coating technologies provide multiple characteristics simultaneously to achieve optimum device performance. For example, SurModics can customize a lubricious coating to enhance both deliverability and hemocompatibility to reduce clotting risks.

SurModics' Support Services
We provide critical, comprehensive services to our customers throughout the product development cycle, from the feasibility phase to commercialization.

  • Compliant to the Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003
  • World-class analytical and surface characterization capabilities
  • Contract coating services and manufacturing support for devices in the pre-clinical and clinical development stages
  • Consulting on regulatory pathways and submission assistance (we also maintain device master files with the FDA to help expedite the regulatory path for emerging products.)
  • Technology transfer service to help our customers integrate the coating process into existing manufacturing systems and procedures at the customer's facility
  • Ongoing technical support, manufacturing support and problem solving, and next generation product development

In Vitro Diagnostic Products
SurModics also offers innovative diagnostic assay components and technologies for the in vitro diagnostic, biopharmaceutical, and research markets. Many of our offerings are considered to be the gold standard in their respective categories. SurModics is an established leader in in vitro diagnostics with more than 30 years of research and development experience. We continue to innovate and now provide key products for the molecular diagnostic industry. Our high-quality products and technologies enable our customers to create their own exceptional products and systems.

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SurModics has a proven record of bringing products from concept to successful commercialization for companies large and small.

For more details on SurModics medical device coating technologies or our extensive in vitro portfolio, visit or call 866-787-6639.