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Yicklee Technology Company LImited

44  815125  cn
Tel: +86 0755 23493202
Fax: +86 0755 27290395

1: Yicklee Technology Company Limited is specializing in plastic mold and molding factory.
Our 90% product is export. We main customers are from Europe and America.

2: YILE provides tooling which maximum weight reach to 8 tons, molding machine are up to 720 tons. We served industries including: Automotive, Communications, Computer, Food packaging, Household, Healthy Instrument, OA appliance, ETC.

3: YILE offers services all over the world and gained high recognition. The major customers are including: SEB, Tefal, Moulinex, Konka, Black&Decker, HoneyWell, Kaitec, Visonic, Su-Pad.

4: YILE is always devoted to improving customers' advantage in high quality, competitive cost, rapid response and short lead time. Our vision is to meet or exceed customer's expectations. If you are looking for reliable vendors in China, come to us, we always prepare to be one of your mighty partners.

5: Please kindly review the following pages for more information; otherwise, you are always welcome to visit our factory in your convenience.