How Pink Made One Ceramic Supplier See Red

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 18, 2017
Amanda PedersenThe pink color of this ceramic hip component, the CeraSurf-p from CoorsTek, set CeramTec off in 2014. CoorsTek Inc.’s pink ceramic hip components made CeramTec GmbH see red in 2014, but a Colorado judge has ruled that CeramTec does not own trademark rights t... Continue

Were MiMedx Employees Coerced Into Supporting PAC?

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 17, 2017
MiMedx Group Inc. has been accused of demanding its managers give cash to a company-operated political action committee that was a top contributor to Tom Price, a Georgia congressman and President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary. Amanda Pedersen The... Continue

Are Breast Cancer False Positives Akin To Racial Profiling?

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 13, 2017
Danish breast cancer study sparks fiery debate over mammography false positives. Amanda Pedersen  Not all breast tumors pose the same risk, and treating them as though they do is akin to racial profiling, according to Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society.Brawl... Continue

How To Fight Breast Cancer With Lemons

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 12, 2017
Erin Smith Chieze posted a Facebook rant asking women to stop playing games and share something that might actually make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Something like the picture of lemons that helped her spot cancer in her own breast. Amanda PedersenErin Smith Chieze said a p... Continue

Why VCs Are Backing Ivantis Without Batting An Eye

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 12, 2017
A $25 million series C round extends Ivantis Inc.’s runway into 2020, and should help bring the Hydrus Microstent for glaucoma to U.S. market next year.Amanda PedersenIvantis Inc. added $25 million to its coffers Ivantis Inc. knows how to catch the eye of investors. The Irvine, CA-based ... Continue

How A Classic Toy Inspired A 20-cent Device

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 11, 2017
Using the same mechanical principles that makes a whirligig toy spin, Stanford bioengineers developed human-powered blood centrifuge using just 20 cents of paper, twine, and plastic.Amanda PedersenManu Prakash, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford, designed a hand-spun centrifuge tha... Continue

Could Illumina's New System Sequence Genome For Just $100?

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 10, 2017
Illumina shares soared Tuesday after the company introduced its newest sequencer, the NovaSeq, that could one day enable researchers to sequence a genome for as little as $100.Amanda PedersenIllumina CEO Francis deSouza said the new NovaSeq, will enable genomic studies that were not possib... Continue

Muddy Waters Can Finally Tell St. Jude 'Told You So'

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 10, 2017
St. Jude releases software patch to reduce hacking risk for its implantable heart devices, but is it enough of a fix? Not according to Muddy Waters.Amanda Pedersen It’s never fun to be on the receiving end of an “I told you so,” a position St. Jude Medical is finding itself in this week.A... Continue

Why Theranos Should Have Had A Backup Plan, But Didn't

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 9, 2017
As Theranos cuts another 155 jobs, CEO Elizabeth Holmes may be eating her words from a 2015 Stanford Business School interview.Amanda PedersenElizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos  Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes once boasted that she was “not big on backup plans.” That’s unfortunate, give... Continue

How One Entrepreneur Took The Road Less Traveled

Posted in by amanda.pedersen on January 6, 2017
Scott Epstein shared how he took his structural hydrogel ureteral stent from concept to market without any government funding or strategic partnerships.Amanda PedersenBased on a unique new material, Q Urological's ureteral stent has the potential to reduce hospital-aquired infections.... Continue