Brian Buntz

Is the Robot Takeover Hitting a Speedbump?

Posted in by Brian Buntz on April 8, 2016
Robots have been called "the next big thing" in technology  for decades. While that still may be true, the robot revolution could be slower than many expected, and Google's parent is rumored to be selling off one of its robotics divisions.Brian BuntzProponents of robotics still argue that ... Continue

Abbott Wins $1 Billion Stent Lawsuit

Posted in by Brian Buntz on April 8, 2016
Abbott Laboratories emerged victorious in a lawsuit that alleged the company had encouraged medical providers to submit false payments for stents to Medicare.Qmed StaffA federal jury in Dallas this week sided with Abbott Laboratories in a False Claims Act lawsuit that carried a potential $1 billion ... Continue

Theranos Beefs Up Board in Light of Lab Problems

Posted in by Brian Buntz on April 7, 2016
Reeling from months of negative press coverage and warnings from CMS and FDA, Theranos is beefing up its scientific and medical advisory board with eight medical and lab testing experts.Qmed StaffTheranos had raised eyebrows for the illustrious members of its board of directors, which included polit... Continue

Northwestern Wins Myxo Trial But Questions Remain

Posted in by Brian Buntz on April 6, 2016
The hospital won a lawsuit filed by a patient who claimed she received an experimental implant during open heart surgery. Court testimony, however, revealed that the surgeon had been testing the implant he invented in a limited release. The surgeon in the case insists he was just following normal pr... Continue

5 Reasons Why Medical Device Innovation Is So Tough

Posted in by Brian Buntz on April 4, 2016
Financial costs and regulations are reasons, but there’s much more, says medical device industry expert Bill Betten.Brian BuntzInnovation in medicine is generally incremental, says Bill Betten (pictured), director of business solutions at Devicix (Eden Prairie, MN).“You build around what has bee... Continue

Scientists Make Lifelike Skin in the Lab

Posted in by Brian Buntz on April 1, 2016
This artificial skin is capable of sweating and growing hair.  Qmed Staff   Scientists have been making artificial skin for decades but the functionality of much it has been limited. Now, Japanese scientists have made sophisticated artificial skin using reprogrammed iPS cell... Continue

Theranos Test Results Are Erratic: CMS

Posted in by Brian Buntz on April 1, 2016
The bad news keeps continues to pile up for next-gen blood-testing firm Theranos. According to recently released CMS documents, the company’s technology failed 29% of its quality-control checks in October 2014. According to the reports, quality problems were commonplace based on analyses performed... Continue

How Genetically Engineered Maggots Could Heal Wounds

Posted in by Brian Buntz on March 31, 2016
Research out of North Carolina State University shows that genetically engineered green bottle fly larvae secrete a human growth factor that could be used to promote cell growth and heal wounds.Kristopher SturgisThe recent proof-of-concept study was aimed at creating a new strain of genetically engi... Continue

Origami Is Inspiring Minimally Invasive Surgical Advances

Posted in by Brian Buntz on March 30, 2016
The traditional Japanese paper-folding art form has helped drive breakthroughs in everything from battery technology to foldable solar panels used in space. Now, it could be driving advances in robotic surgery.Brian BuntzResearchers at Brigham Young University (BYU; Provo, UT) have been working with... Continue

More Questions about Accuracy of Theranos Tests

Posted in by Brian Buntz on March 29, 2016
Theranos, already under fire from regulatory authorities at CMS and FDA, is facing renewed allegations that its blood-testing technology is inaccurate.Qmed StaffElizabeth Holmes is the CEO of Theranos. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) found that the compan... Continue