Brian Buntz

Pfizer-Allergan Reportedly Nearing $150 Billion Merger

Posted in by Brian Buntz on November 20, 2015
Medtronic became the biggest company in Ireland through its $50-billion acquisition of Covidien. Pfizer’s pending buy of Allergan will reportedly cost it three times as much. Pfizer, however, is also dropping hints that it plans on breaking up its business in 2016. Qmed News New U.S. Treasury rest... Continue

Medtech Hacking: The Newest Way to Scare TV Watchers

Posted in by Brian Buntz on November 20, 2015
A recent episode of “CSI: Cyber” aired in which all of the networked medical devices in a hospital were hacked. It may be sensationalized, but the argument that many networked medical devices are relatively insecure is correct. Brian BuntzIt seems the possibility of hacking medical devices is ge... Continue