Chris Newmarker

Top Medtech Breakthroughs of July

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 30, 2014
Top Medtech Breakthroughs of JulyFrom using Google Glass as a neural interface to utilizing heat-seeking missile technology for malaria detection to fly-inspired hearing aid technology, there were plenty of amazing medical technology breakthroughs to report on in July.Read on to find out more: ... Continue

Medtronic Has an Internal App-etite for Apple Products

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 29, 2014
Medtech giant Medtronic apparently hasn’t slowed down on its appetite for using Apple technology internally—even as the iconic tech company is signaling its interest to compete more actively in the healthcare market. Fridley, MN–based Medtronic “has developed over 175 internal iOS apps fo... Continue