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Big Medtech Acquisitions You Need to Know

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on August 27, 2015
The past week saw so many large medtech acquisitions, it was hard to keep track. Here are the highlights. Chris NewmarkerThe medical device industry’s mergers and acquisitions spree is not showing any sign of abating. Here are four top deals from the past week:1. Creating One of the Largest Medtec... Continue

How a Medtech Bookkeeper Allegedly Fleeced Her Employer

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on August 27, 2015
A Minnesota woman stole nearly $900,000 over more than seven years from a small mammography informatics company.Karen Breyette (Photo courtesy of Minnetonka, MN, police)Chris Newmarker and Brian BuntzPenRad Technologies hired Karen Breyette as a controller/bookkeeper in January 2008. Within fiv... Continue

2 Things Next-Gen Sequencing Needs to Meet Its Promise

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on August 26, 2015
Next-generation sequencing has so far been used in a relatively small number of tests, says Mark Borodkin of BioNano Genomics. Here are two challenges that need to be overcome to make it more widespread.Mark BorodkinChris NewmarkerNext-generation sequencing holds the promise of providing a large amo... Continue

How Big Data Could Reach Its Medtech Potential

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on August 25, 2015
Here are three things that need to be overcome when it comes to turning raw medical data into actionable information, courtesy of wireless technologies consultant and entrepreneur Upkar J. S. Dhaliwal. Upkar J. S. DhaliwalChris Newmarker Think of how online marketers seem to know your... Continue

Is This the Future of Wireless Power in Medtech?

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on August 21, 2015
WiTricity’s wireless power technology has already sparked some interest in medtech circles. Discover some of the next steps for WiTricity.Chris Newmarker(Infograph courtesy of WiTricity) Eight years after it was founded with MIT-based technology, WiTricity appears ready for the bigtime with i... Continue

LVADs (4 Recalls)

Posted by Chris Newmarker on August 20, 2015