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Why Medtech Shouldn't Worry About Brexit

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 28, 2016
While British voters’ decision to leave the European Union could have a major impact on the medical device industry there, the effects on medtech globally will be far more subtle, say experts at ZS Associates. Answer Qmed's survey. We'd like to know what you think.Chris NewmarkerVoters in the Unit... Continue

New Bio-Ink Could Be Bioprinting Breakthrough

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 27, 2016
British researchers think their invention could eventually enable 3-D printing of living ortho implants, using patients' own stem cells. Chris NewmarkerUniversity of Bristol researchers say they were able to engineer 3-D printed tissue structures including a full-size tracheal cartilage ri... Continue

DNA Tests for Early Cancer Detection

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
    Illumina, one of the largest DNA sequencing companies, early this year announced the formation of a startup known as Grail, which plans to develop blood tests that can potentially detect many cancers for the cost of $1000 or less. The company said at the time that it hopes to make... Continue

A Hand-Held Concussions Test

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
    An analyst with GlobalData suggested earlier this year that Philips could have an IVD blockbuster in the works: a hand-held blood test to diagnose mild concussions. Philips is developing the test with with Banyan Biomarkers (San Diego); it is slated to hit the market by 2022. The ... Continue

Finding Infection Fast

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
    Researchers from the Wyss Institute have developed a new pathogen detection technology that they claim quickly and efficiently reports the presence of infection in the body, even at the earliest stages. There are no current methods that can quickly detect systemic bloodstream infe... Continue

Listening to Knee Problems

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
    A research team led by a former NCAA discus thrower is working on a device that can transcribe snap, crackle, and pop sounds in the knee into a moving graph, according to the Georgia Institute of Technology, where the researchers are based. The knee band has microphones and vibrat... Continue

Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
    There is growing evidence that artificial intelligence can truly help health providers spot signs of illness in patient, including such deadly maladies as cancer.For example, Samsung Medison now has an updated its RS80A ultrasound imaging machine with a feature called  S-Dete... Continue

A Photon Sensor for for Super-Fast Biodetection

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
    For years researchers have understood the correlation between cancer and the mechanical properties of cells. But they lacked the ability to measure and use these mechanical properties diagnostically. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recently develope... Continue

Heart Attack Detector Runs on One Blood Drop

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
    Koninklijke Philips recently came out with a handheld blood test that it claims can cut the time to diagnose a heart attack from one hour to less than 10 minutes. The Minicare I-20 system measures cardiac troponin I (cTnI), a protein that is excreted by the heart muscle into the b... Continue

7 IVD Breakthroughs You Need to Know

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on June 23, 2016
     There have been a slew of major research advances in the field. Here are seven that especially stood out.Chris NewmarkerIt’s been the best of times for IVD. It’s been the worst of times.Silicon Valley darling Theranos, which promised widespread tests using only a single ... Continue