Chris Newmarker

Smart Threads for Data Sharing

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 22, 2016
    Researchers from UC Berkeley have developed a way to coat the threading of clothing with thermochromic paint that can change colors to represent data and information, including health data. It could provide another tool for designers of mobile health devices. (Read the full Qmed s... Continue

A Swimming Robot Powered by Heart Cells

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 22, 2016
    A Harvard University professor wants build a human heart, so he started out making a “living” stingray robot—about the size of a nickel and powered by rat cells. The small robot is even able to maneuver around obstacle courses with beams of light. So how could this lead to a... Continue

Preventing Heart Attacks With an Electromechanical Hug

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 22, 2016
    Korean researchers recently demonstrated how wire wrap could stop rapid heart beat and restore cardiac electrical function for a rat's heart. The shape-conforming mesh is constructed of silver nanowires embedded in a rubber polymer. It was designed to conform to different hearts' ... Continue

Enabling the Paralyzed to Once Again Move Limbs

Posted by Chris Newmarker on July 22, 2016
    NeuroLife technology developed at Ohio State University and Battelle enabled a paralyzed young man, Ian Burkhart, to once again move his wrist and hand, and complete tasks such as strumming a guitar and swiping a credit card. It's all thanks to a chip implanted in his brain a... Continue

Changing the Way Drugs Are Prescribed

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 22, 2016
     OneOme (Minneapolis) provides patients with a pharmacogenomic test that then informs their health providers via an algorithm-based clinical decision support, helping the health providers to tailor prescriptions to exactly fit patients' needs. The decision... Continue

5 More Medical Technologies to Watch

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 22, 2016
    Prescription drugs customized through genetic testing and a brain implant that enables people with paralysis to regain movement in their limbs are among the additional medical technologies we’ve come across since posting our original list of the 10 most promising medical technol... Continue

J&J Settles Acclarent Case for $18 Million

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 22, 2016
The settlement comes just days after the former executives who ran Acclarent were convicted of misdemeanor charges related to alleged off-label marketing of sinus balloon catheters.Chris NewmarkerThis image was pulled from a 2011 clinical study describing the The MicroFlow spacer as "A Drug-Elu... Continue

Could 'The Doctor' Become Reality?

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 21, 2016
    The television series Star Trek: Voyager included "The Doctor," an Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) that ended up having to become the fulltime doctor on the ship.While artificial intelligence isn't going to replace doctors any time soon, it could increasingly aid them with r... Continue

Hypospray Equals Jet Injector

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 21, 2016
     In the Star Trek universe, the hypospray was able to get medications into patients  through their skin, even their clothes, without using needles. In real life, this device was the jet injector, which never really became widespread because of concerns over cross-contami... Continue

Recreating the Sickbay

Posted in by Chris Newmarker on July 21, 2016
    Wouldn't it be neat to have a Star Trek-style sickbay including a medical bed and overhead scanner with diagnostics? Researchers at the University of Leicester were inspired enough by the concept that they created a diagnostic bed utilizing thermal imaging equipment designed by sp... Continue