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Bos Sci's Synergy Stent Beats Promus on Safety

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on March 23, 2017
Study shows Boston Scientific's bioabsorbable-polymer drug-eluting stent yields fewer blood clots than its Promus stent. Nancy Crotti EVOLVE II data showed Boston Scientific's Synergy bioabsorbable-polymer-coated drug-eluting stent is safer than the company's Promus Element Plus stent, whi... Continue

How a pH Indicator Made Blood Typing Faster, Cheaper

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on March 17, 2017
Chinese researchers believe their new, paper-based test could be used in war zones and remote locationsNancy Crotti Chinese researchers have developed a speedy paper blood-type test using a common pH indicator.The researchers used antibodies immobilized on paper test strips to separate red bloo... Continue

Total-body PET, Find Out What it Means to Thee

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on March 16, 2017
Researchers have NIH funding and industry partners for a total-body PET machine that could work faster and produce better images. Nancy Crotti U.S. and British researchers are closing in on creating a total-body positron emission tomography (PET) scanner that would work faster and with les... Continue

FDA Approves Stent for Troublesome Cardiac Artery Lesions

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on March 9, 2017
The Tryton side-branch stent is compatible with stents manufactured to treat lesions in the main coronary artery, according to its North Carolina manufacturer.Nancy CrottiTryton Medical's side-branch stent is designed to treat, protect, and secure bifurcation lesions and integrates into any conventi... Continue

Could Exact Sciences Help Reverse This Troubling Cancer Trend?

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on March 2, 2017
With colorectal cancer on the rise in young adults, the maker of the Cologuard noninvasive home test for the disease says it might be time to adjust the screening age.Nancy CrottiColorectal cancer is on the rise in young adults, according to a study by the American Cancer Society, which is recommend... Continue

Updated Blood Collection Device Draws 510(k) from FDA

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on February 28, 2017
FDA cleared Velano Vascular's PIVO needle-free blood collection device, which attaches to a peripheral IV system. Nancy CrottiThe PIVO advances an inner tube via a slider mechanism through the peripheral IV catheter system. Velano Vascular has won 510(k) clearance for a next-generation ver... Continue

7 M&A Trends from 2016 and Predictions for the Year Ahead

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on February 24, 2017
 Nancy Crotti Medtech companies do not appear to be letting off the M&A gas pedal any time soon. Based on EvaluateMedTech data, EP Vantage recently released its annual report, Medtech 2016 in Review, offering an analysis and expert commentary on M&A deals, venture financing, initia... Continue

J&J to Swallow Up GERD-Prevention Device Maker

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on February 22, 2017
Torax Medical makes a magnetic device that keeps stomach acid in place.Nancy CrottiA subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson is buying a small company that makes a surgical solution to gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD).Cincinnati-based Ethicon, Inc. announced the purchase of competitor Torax Medica... Continue

Here's The Scoop On Scopis Scoping U.S. Market

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on February 15, 2017
Scopis recently opened an office in Cambridge and is cultivating investors in the U.S.Nancy CrottiScopis offers target-guided surgery via augmented reality. A German company that sells augmented reality products for minimally invasive surgery has landed in the United States.Found... Continue

J&J Sued Over Silicone Breast Implants

Posted in by Nancy Crotti on February 6, 2017
The complaint may signal a new wave of lawsuits similar to those that overwhelmed implant-makers in the 1990s.Nancy CrottiA California woman has sued Johnson & Johnson and two of its subsidiaries, claiming that leaking silicone breast implants caused muscle pain and nausea.Filed in Superior Cour... Continue