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Silicone's versatility could help address challenges in drug delivery and healthcare.Daphne AllenSilicone is probably one of the “most studied biomaterials in existence,” said James Lambert, director, life sciences R&D, for the NuSil brand of silicone.The Trelyst team of exper... Continue
A new "living material" is designed with live cells that can be genetically programmed to light up in the presence of certain chemicals, bacteria, and possibly even biomarkers for disease. Kristopher SturgisShown are the cell-infused sensors in glove and bandage form.A group of engineers and biologi... Continue
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Teknor Apex Co.’s Medalist family of thermoplastic elastomers now includes new compounds for cast-film applications.Daphne AllenThe latest compounds in the Medalist TPE family can be usedfor tourniquets and other cast-film products.Cast-film products such as tourniquets and straps, therapy bands a... Continue
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A cross between graphene and flexible silicone, the material has implications for medical devices.Nancy CrottiWhat do you get when you embed sheets of graphene in lightly cross-linked polysilicone? Italian and British researchers came up with supercharged Silly Putty--a highly flexible substance wit... Continue
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have produced a placenta-on-a-chip, and their study could help determine causes of premature birth.Nancy CrottiEngineers have replicated human lungs, livers, intestines, eyes, and skin on computer chips. Add to that growing list the human placenta.Resear... Continue
Scientists have linked the plastic softeners in medical tubing to neurological problems in children hospitalized with critical illnesses.Nancy CrottiA DEHP molecule representation shown on Wikipedia. The softeners, known as phthalates, had previously been linked to ADHD, allergies, asthma, hormonal ... Continue
U.S. researchers have come up with a much stronger and potentially less expensive alternative to the conventional polymer. Qmed StaffThe tough  plastic is made using 50% renewable content from biomass. Image from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy; conceptual art by Mark R... Continue
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Don’t lose an important project because you were caught unaware. Here are five things to watch out for.Brianna Sporbert, Boyd TechnologiesDon't end up in a pit of gators over your materials selection. (Image of "Picturesque Hot Springs Alligator Farm 1924," courtesy of Picturesque Hot Sp... Continue
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Boston Scientific has been sued under the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) for allegedly orchestrating a conspiracy to sell misbranded transvaginal mesh made from counterfeit plastic smuggled from China.Qmed News A federal recent lawsuit filed in West Virginia observes tha... Continue
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The materials specialist Teknor Apex is seeing shifts in demands from medical device companies. Its product offerings at the MD&M West tradeshow will reflect these changes.Qmed StaffThe Medalist tubing sample kit from Teknor Apex is an examples of a product that will be on display at their booth... Continue
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Biomaterials specialist Proxy Biomedical Ltd. put together this infographic, which details important considerations when selecting medical-grade textiles for implantable medical devices.Click to expand image Continue
According to Mike Drues, mere biocompatibility is just a description for a material that can be implanted in your body without killing you. Len Czuba begs to differ, finding that the standard he has worked his whole life to uphold is not a notion that will go out of style.Chris NewmarkerVascular Sci... Continue
Researchers from the University of Texas believe they have identified a novel safe and sustainable cathode material that could serve as the basic structure for the world’s first commercially viable sodium-ion battery. Kristopher SturgisThe new cathode material, known as eldfellite, is a nontoxic a... Continue
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Swiss scientists have developed a technique that enables them to imitate miniature geometries found in biological composites with teeth and seashells. The breakthrough could ultimately lead to the development of synthetic materials with strength comparable to some of the strongest materials in natur... Continue
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Who hasn’t read a Spider-Man comic book and watched the web slinger save someone with his super strong homemade webbing? It turns out manmade silk that is stronger than steel is closer than we think. Jordan BrandesEngineered spider silk fibers wrapped around a roller. Image from Bolt Threads. Easi... Continue
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A researcher at Penn State has helped develop promising citrate-based biomaterials.Kristopher Sturgis Citrate materials can promote osteo-integration and new bone formation, according to the Penn State researchers. This photo demonstrates that a citrate bone implant prompting bone regeneration ... Continue
Researchers developed a pH-responsive polymer gel that could enable the development of new swallowable devices and capsules with ultra-long drug delivery capabilities. Kristopher SturgisShiyi Zhang, postdoc at Koch Institute, holding a ring-shaped prototype, which can be folded into a swallowable ca... Continue
Researchers are exploiting the nontoxic, fluorescent capabilities of quantum dots to enhance medical imaging. Kristopher SturgisA group of researchers from San Jose State University (SJSU) believe graphene quantum dots could be the next big step in bioimaging technology.While working on their master... Continue
Painless microneedles with “intelligent nanoparticles” could replace insulin injections for diabetics, according to researchers in North Carolina.Chris NewmarkerRather than inject the insulin-containing nanoparticles, the researchers instead packaged them into an array of tiny needles. (Ima... Continue
New research raises health and safety concerns over DINCH, a commonly used plasticizer found in products such as medical devices and food packaging.Kristopher SturgisVassilios Papadopoulos, PhD, was the study’s lead author. DINCH (1,2-Cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid diisononyl ester), a commonly use... Continue