Magnetic Drive Submersible Pump

GRI Pumps now offers a submersible option to their INTG1 series of magnetic drive recirculation pumps. This added value gives OEMs the ability to submerse the pump within the circulated fluid. Contact GRI to learn more about the INTG1 submersible option and fluid compatibility questions.

Designed for the recirculation and transfer of fluids, GRI's new integrated series of magnetic drive pumps bring a uniquely engineered design to GRI's portfolio of custom OEM pumps. GRI's new Integrity Series™ integrates the pump's components into a compact, lightweight design, eliminating motor bearings and leaving the impeller assembly as the only moving part. Fewer parts promote longer life, quieter operation, mechanical integrity, and lower power consumption. GRI's Integrity Series™ Mag-Drive Pumps will provide OEM solutions in the medical, automotive and RV, chillers and coolers, solar thermal heating and cooling, and other markets.