Whitepapers - Machining, laser

  • Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing

    Norman Noble Inc.


    Norman Noble, Inc. is your single source solution for manufacturing complex medical implants with tolerances of +/– .0001". We utilize the newest Swiss machining technologies in dedicated Process Development Centers to...

  • Micromachining Possibilities

    Stellar Technologies Inc.


    As lasers are able to work in areas with a tolerance of only several microns, they are the suitable tool to achieve the clean, dross free cuts that are demanded by the medical industry, with smooth surface qualities and...

  • Stent Manufacturing

    Norman Noble Inc.


    Norman Noble, Inc. is your single source supplier for stent manufacturing specializing in AAA,Peripheral Vascular, Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, Bronchial, and Thoracic stents.Laser Cutting, Nitinol Shape Setting,...

  • The Essential Laser for Orthopedics

    Lumenous Device Technologies Inc.


    Ask any orthopedic surgeon to show you the tools of the trade, and the evidence of laser processing is not difficult to spot. Most devices and tools, even single-use items, bear the telltale traces of marking lasers...