Whitepapers - Machining, micro

  • Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing

    Norman Noble Inc.


    Norman Noble, Inc. is your single source solution for manufacturing complex medical implants with tolerances of +/– .0001". We utilize the newest Swiss machining technologies in dedicated Process Development Centers to...

  • Micromachining Possibilities

    Stellar Technologies Inc.


    As lasers are able to work in areas with a tolerance of only several microns, they are the suitable tool to achieve the clean, dross free cuts that are demanded by the medical industry, with smooth surface qualities and...

  • Technical Article: FAQs on Swiss CNC Machining

    Metal Cutting Corp.


    Like many OEMs you may be looking to improve part quality for a difficult geometry, reduce production time and cost, and decrease time to market. In your efforts to achieve these goals you’ll likely have run across a...

  • Stent Manufacturing

    Norman Noble Inc.


    Norman Noble, Inc. is your single source supplier for stent manufacturing specializing in AAA,Peripheral Vascular, Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, Bronchial, and Thoracic stents.Laser Cutting, Nitinol Shape Setting,...

  • Ideas for Micromolding – Two Shot Molding Conversion

    Mikrotech, LLC


    Mikrotech is a leading full service micromanufacturer of custom-designed miniature components and subassemblies for medical devices used in minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

  • Micromolding: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Micromachining

    Mikrotech, LLC


    Historically, machining has been the only feasible manufacturing alternative for manufacturers sourcing low-to-moderate quantities of microcomponents. Molders, because of the modest volumes or the complexity of the...