Whitepapers - Adhesives

  • Implementing Adhesive Solutions using UV/LED Technologies

    Enercon Industries Corp.


    Markets for cured adhesives continue to expand as adhesive formulations, materials, & manufacturing processes evolve. This paper will review emerging applications and the contributions to productivity and efficiency...

  • Catalog: Adhesives for the Medical Industry

    Master Bond Inc.


    For an overview of Master Bond’s most popular medical grade epoxies, please browse this easy to read catalog organized by chemistry, key properties and curing schedules. From the prototype stage through the...

  • When To Use a Fast Cure Adhesive

    Master Bond Inc.


    To reduce assembly costs, why not consider a fast cure adhesive? But one caveat might be to question the need for speed when selecting the appropriate adhesive for an application. In this white paper, you’ll find an...

  • Selecting the most effective wavelength for an LED system

    Lumen Dynamics


    In recent years, LED technology has advanced in both output power and available wavelengths to where it can potentially provide valuable technology for UV spot curing. Newer systems are able to provide up to 9.5W/cm2 of...

  • Adhesives for the Assembly of Hard-to-Bond Plastics

    Henkel Corp. (Loctite)


    Many modern plastics used in a variety of industries are formulated specifically for their resistance to harsh chemical and environmental conditions. As a result, these substrates also tend to be difficult to chemically...

  • Optimizing an LED Curing System

    Dymax Corp.


    An Optimized LED Curing System is Essential for Process Efficiency As a relative newcomer to the Light-Curable Materials (LCM) industry, LED-curing lights continue to evolve as an ultimate replacement for the mercury-...